Direct Medical Network Solutions - THIS COMPANY WILL SCAM YOU. STAY AWAY.

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I also got screwed by this company when I found out that my doctor was in the network and they didn't pay 1 dime for all the costs I have incurred. I am filing a complaint with the BBB. What a terrible way to prey on those of us who lost our jobs and our insurance. I thought this was a trust worthy company but I was so wrong.

You messed with the wrong person and I will take this to the BBB and Consumer Fraud division of NY. You deserve to be put in a 4 x 8' cell!!!

Direct Medical Network Solutions - Direct Medical discount card is unusable

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I joined Direct Medical netork solutions inc.I got cards & booklet.

Website and booklet has doctors,labs,and x ray sites that take the card. When i went to my doctor they REFUSED the card, the blood lab listed on website & in booklet REFUSED the card, and the x ray lab listed on website & booklet REFUSED the card!! My eye doctor listed in booklet REFUSED the card,and their billing manager told me they NEVER signed up to accept the discount card!!! The blood lab called direct med up right in front of me and she told them that they didn't accept it.

When i called them to cancel this so called "discount" card and related the above story ,they basically called me & the office staff liars!! I bullied my way into getting back $179.00 monthly fee but was unable to get non-refundable application fee.THIS IS A SCAM!!!!

Don't fall for it!

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Direct Medical Network Solutions - DirectMed discount -no one accepts it!

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I joined Direct Medical out of Irving Texas.A discount plan which includes supposed discounts on medical services.

A total RIPOFF!!! My doctor, a blood lab ( which is on their website and in their booklet), a radiology site,(on their website and booklet),and my eye doctor (also listed in booklet) EVERY OFFICE refused the card. Seems my eye doctor never signed up for it at all. When i called them to get a refund they basically called me and the office staff liars!

I bullied my way to getting $179.00 monthly fee returned but $135.00 application fee was not.THIS IS A SCAM!

Don't fall for it!!

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Direct Medical Network Solutions - Would not refund money

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This company told me after I signed up that I could cancel in 3-5 days.I canceled the second day.

Would not refund my money. I was told that they had providers in my area. After I signed up and paid, I found out the closest provider was in the next state!! When I called to cancel, they asked why.

I told them about the providers being a state away and they had nothing to say. Do not recommend this company to anyone ! Michael Parker is a customer service supervisor.

He's the last person I talked to and he was totally rude!

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Direct Medical Network Solutions - Tried to cancel policy and was given the runaround.

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I took out a health benefit policy effective Jan 01, 2008 with Direct Medical Network Solutions, Inc.. Upon receiving information about this policy, I realized that it wasn't what I expected. At that point I called the customer service department to cancel the policy. The lady that I spoke to assured me that the policy would be canceled and I would receive my membership fee of $135 plus my initial monthly fee of $179.

They then proceeded to bill my credit card for another $179 for February and I tried calling them back to see what the problem was. I was shuffled around to several different people after waiting on hold for anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes or longer for each person. They finally told me that the person I needed to talk to had left for the day and would not be available until the following Monday. They told me that this person would contact me, but they never did.

I finally called back and after the same shuffling around and being placed on hold for about 45 minutes total, I finally spoke to the head of customer service. After explaining the situation to him, I was told that he would get back to me in about an hour(which he did). At that time, he informed me that I would not receive any refund, but that my account had been cancelled.

This cost me $493 for something that I never used nor didn't want in the first place.

Let this be a warning to anyone who contacts Direct Medical Solutions Network. They ignore you on purpose until after your 30 days are up to cancel and receive your money back!!

I am considering contacting the BBB to see that these charlatans don't get away with this anymore!!!

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I had a similar experience. Got enrolled in their program. Received the information from them and it was NOT what I was expecting. I thought what I enrolled in was health insurance but once receiving the information, it was a health insurance DISCOUNT program and not health insurance. However, when talking to the sale representative "Nick" who sold me the program did not mention or spell that out in detail or omitted information. So I had paid the enrollment fee and the monthly fee. I, too, was told that I would get BOTH the enrollment and monthly fee back if I was not happy with it.

When I received the packet and reading what it really was, I got on the phone right away and called the phone number listed in the packet. I called and told them that I wanted to cancel because it was not what I was expecting. I tried to call "Nick" because I needed to cancel with him apparently but couldn't get him back right away so I left a message. I left a couple of messages. I was told later that they hire a third party to help them sell their products. I then spoke to a couple of "customer" supervisors two different ones; a woman and a man. I was told that I would get the monthly fee back since I called right away but that I would NOT get the enrollment fee refunded. I was also encouraged to give it a try for at least a month and see how it goes and works since I have the packet. I told them I wanted to cancel. I told them that I was told this by the sales representative that I would get both refunded...It took me several weeks almost a month going back and forth with them and getting the runaround! I told them that I would be reporting them to the BBB and they did not seem to care all that much. They just said basically do what you need to do.



I was taken for over $2700.00

The salesman who contacted me assured me how great this company was.

Found out otherwise when I went to use the card.

I have filed complaints with the state attorney general in TExas where they work out of and NY state consumer affairs. They shouldn't be allowed to operate. It's a scam.

Did anyone know this company is underwritten by us life insurance who is underwritten by AIG?

Mooers, New York, United States #5502

Contact your State Department of Insurance ASAP.

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