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I joined Direct Medical netork solutions inc.I got cards & booklet.

Website and booklet has doctors,labs,and x ray sites that take the card. When i went to my doctor they REFUSED the card, the blood lab listed on website & in booklet REFUSED the card, and the x ray lab listed on website & booklet REFUSED the card!! My eye doctor listed in booklet REFUSED the card,and their billing manager told me they NEVER signed up to accept the discount card!!! The blood lab called direct med up right in front of me and she told them that they didn't accept it.

When i called them to cancel this so called "discount" card and related the above story ,they basically called me & the office staff liars!! I bullied my way into getting back $179.00 monthly fee but was unable to get non-refundable application fee.THIS IS A SCAM!!!!

Don't fall for it!

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